Monday, January 30, 2006

What will the future hold for us?

Was there innocence to the 90s?

The world wasn’t full of angst like it is now. The charts were engrossed in Britpop, Bill Clinton was the president and Tony Blair was actually popular. The summers were a lot better then too.

Well I never actually witnessed the 80s, like some of you who might be reading this, I was only born in the last third of it and all I have is photographs, music, films and old programmes to show me what it was actually like, nothing like living it.

However, it’s not like bad things didn’t happen before the new millennium, because sadly it did and there was many mistakes made. But the world is covered in darkness these days, it’s not supposed to be like that but it is and it’s not going to change for decades to come. Fears of technology, terrorism, faulty economics, and paranoia have always been around, but this decade it has grown and has begun to starve the world. Stemmed from this, there have been a number of essays and sites broadcasting this kind of subject matter by pessimistic people.

But should we really be afraid of our and our children’s future?

Sunday, January 29, 2006


what is
P E R F E C T I O N?

Friday, January 27, 2006

It's Friday, and i'm seeing flying cars!

Thanks to Nac’s excellent blog over at hyperguide.blogspot, I managed to get a glimpse of this picture of a flying car over at Google sightseeing.

I’m not sure what you think, but can this really be true?

Let's get to know each other, it's a Friday meme!
What are your top 5, films of all time?
1. Heat
2. Raiders of the Lost Ark
3. Goodfellas
4. the Empire Strikes Back
5. Garden State
Leave your answers as a comment or put it on your own blog!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

14th Jan

Free Stroke's tickets (oh no)

I’m in a good mood, the best I’ve been in for quite some time. 1) I’ve got tomorrow off from work. 2) I’m not sure. 3) Oh yes, I went to see the Strokes last night. 4) Is there a 4?

So here it is, in all its flawed glory.

The Strokes
Live at Bristol Colston Hall
Wed, Jan 25th

I never doubted we wouldn’t make it there, I just thought that me and Tom would just be a little late. There was a crash on the motorway and there were queues for six to seven miles. After around an hour of sitting in the little Peugeot we finally started to make some progress and made it to the concert on time…phew!

However, because I got the tickets off of eBay and I was in a mad rush to get them I never took much notice of where the seats were allocated and they were pretty far apart. But we were there to see the band, not us so we were alright.

The support acts Shout out Louds came on, almost as we sat down, or it felt like it anyway. They were fantastic and had some great tunes at their disposal, the highlight being The Comeback. Made me want to check out more of their stuff.

But we were there for the Strokes, and the excitement was building. The lights went down. They came on, as cool as their reputation makes them out to be. They opened with The Modern Age before unleashing their new tracks Heart in a Cage and Juicebox, both proving to be great live. It never really let up from there, Julian was on fine form interacting with the crowd and doing press ups at the intro to ‘Reptilia’, dancing almost to some songs while Fab playing the drums, smoked on a cigarette. The passion and pace that they performed the songs was remarkable, it also helped that I was on the balcony close to the stage unlike at Noise and Confusion where I felt like I was a mile away. They performed around 20 songs; the new ones were as brilliant as the classics and showed that they won’t be going away just yet.

I came out, almost exhausted from the excitement but left with a buzz! This was it, this is what a great band on fine form is like, and it’s worth every penny!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Discard that Mouth

These lyrics are not accomplished, i'm not even terribly fond of them yet i'm going to post them anyway to see what people think. Obviously most of the lyrics i post need some adjustments and changes and probably practise, but i don't 'feel' these as much as the others. Enjoy!

Discard that Mouth ©

This time I ask you what’s next,
You’re love offering me nothing new,
Passed along by the nothing in the sky,
And I wondered if you knew.

Yes, you keep on pressing,
Along with this stress of the west,
And I keep on kissing you,
Trying to find you that nest.

Discard that mouth
Which you criticise
You’re not funny
You’re not wise

Yet I’ll Struggle under the sun,
Where you taught me everything,
From the first cord to the final lyrics,
You taught me how to sing.

Friday, January 13, 2006

punk for you

She’s still a mystery

She’s still a mystery,
Hope times will change.
I’m left in misery,
Licking up the fu**er’s grime.

I don’t even have her number,
Given it I can’t remember.
Behind your words are meanings,
I never did take seriously,
All your love teachings,
Is where?

I know what you must seek,
Saw you, what, last week.
Beautiful eyes,
So undemanding,
Sexy thighs,
So commanding.

I’m not giving up.
Suffering on vodka,
Taking time out,
In the bathroom of wonder.

Exhausted and itching

I look at you; you make me nervous all the time,
You don’t mind that I spend it all on you,
And you don’t even give a (fucking) dime.
Everyone is surprised that I still want you to stay,
But I’m just afraid that you’re just gonna fade away,

You walk on in like you have faith,
But I’m just stuck between four walls.
How can you say that it’s all safe?

No understanding on how or why,
I’m still here dusting it off,
But I’m sure,
I’m sure I didn’t die.

Exhausted and itching alive,
I see your bed and take a dive,
It’s all over now.

It’s so bad that it’s good,
Don’t say that I’m just stood,
Here, here, here.
Away from everyone and everything,
Have I won?

Podcast: Radio Talk Talk

After many failed attempts i managed to get the microphone working at work, so i decided with a few of my mates, that we would make a radio show. We didn't have much time but it was hilerious anyway, which got me into thinking about making a podcast. So i found this site: and it got me even more fascinated. Just imagine the possibilities. I could be part of the pod cast hype that’s arisen over the last few months. So I eagerly downloaded the software to record and edit. But then I came to the problem…I don’t have a microphone at home! So i need help, does anyone know any microphones i can use on the pc that are quite cheap but good quality as well?

As you can probably tell, im crap with PCs.



Sunday, January 08, 2006


I had a nice weekend. I got up quite early on saturday, it was my birthday and so obviously i wanted to get up and see what i had. I got 16 cards all together which was cool. I went driving early at about 10am, this was because it gets so busy in Gloucester and other Learners are taking their practical and some places that we go to do manoeuvres are already being used. It wasn’t a very nice day for weather though, it was raining and even sleeting at one point but I didn’t mind too much.

In the afternoon I went out with my mum and step dad for a meal, but was surprised to find that other family members had come to congratulate my birthday which was nice. The meal was lovely, had a gammon steak…not as salty as usual so that was alright. The pudding though was a big shock…hot fudge, ice-cream, cream and flake and it was huge too. I just about managed to eat it. My granddad took some photos but to be honest they weren’t great because some of us didn’t look like we wanted photos done as we pulled some moody faces. But the afternoon was great, though the talk on the 40 Year Old Virgin wasn’t great table talk when eating, thanks mum.
There were no plans to go out so instead my friend Carl came around we talked, messed around on the pc and watched some TV while enjoying cold Beck’s. But found that my guitar string isn’t too good so I’ll have to go have it fixed…no tuning could help.

Overall, the day was good. There was no huge party and drunken antics, but there was a few surprises through out and was a pleasant day. No, the real partying is going to happen next Saturday at Carl’s birthday which I’m looking forward to.

Peace out!

In a resturant, your meal came first. Is it rude to start it?
Free polls from

Friday, January 06, 2006

Birthday. TV. Comedy. Karl Pilkington.

It's my birthday tomorrow. Birthday's have never been great, yes the money is cool, and so is some of the presents but i never usualy celebrate them like some other people. What i'm going to be getting up to tomorrow is unknown. I do, however, know that i'm going out for a meal at the wonderful Harvester. Whoo!

My smile grew enormous and still is since i read on the internet earlier, despite the fact that it still might not happen; 20th Century Fox are in early discussions to put "Futurama" back in production and create a limited number of episodes. This is great news as the show is the funniest cartoon ever made and better then the Simpsons by miles.

The Ricky Gervias meets Larry David was fantastic television last night as two of the greatest comedions met up and talked about their careers and comedy in general. Also it showed clips from Curb Your Enthusiasm which is the most underrated and best comedies showing at the moment. It was a joy watching the clips and made me want to go out and purchase all the dvds of the series. The downside of last night though was that Celebrity Big Brother is back, (what is the guy from The Ordinary Boys doing in there!?!) and i'll moan about how crap it is but i'll be watching it every night. Hypocrite? Possibly.

Talking about Ricky Gervais, just in case you don't know he is hosting a podcast every monday over at with Steve Merchant; ably hampered by Karl Pilkington! It's full of random convorsations on midgets Vs a Lion, foreign orgasmic machines, the usual monkey news and much more. Of course, if you're not a fan of Ricky Gervais then stay away. But for everyone else it's one of the best podcasts and 1/2 an hour of fried gold!

I have to go.
I'll be back with more random stuff soon, and possibly some crap on my life. So keep visiting my blog! ;) I'll leave you with this:

Monday, January 02, 2006

Evening Sun

I’m at home, I’m not bored but I don’t seem to be doing a lot either. I know that I can do some work but I choose not to, instead I listen to music, read, use the PC and flip through the tedious TV channels. Are we all lazy in essence?

I’ve been thinking a lot of going on holiday, actually ever since I got back from New York last August. Travelling is so much fun; but I hate flying which is possibly the only thing that stops me from booking tickets right now. Oh, and because of money issues…and work. Damn! I’m thinking of upgrading to a better camera because photography is so rewarding. It’s art, man.

There are many places in the world that I would like to go but for some reason L.A., Japan and NZ stand out the most for me. They look so beautiful, as if they aren’t anything to do with this planet at all. Tokyo looks like a place from another world or something, totally weird.

To accomplish all of this I’m most definitely going to have to start saving up more and get a new job too, but then there’s the driving lessons which cost a bomb. I suppose many people could possibly relate to this dilemma, wanting to get away but ultimately can’t.

As I leave you to ponder on my nonsense, remember that the new Strokes album ‘First Impression of Earth’ is out today, and apart from like 2 songs it’s a great, great, great album! The coolest album, from the coolest band around!