Saturday, December 31, 2005

enough is enough

This is one more song i would like share and i have many more but some are too personal. This is about two siblings, Ruth and David. David is 13 and already suffers from alcohol and drugs abuse. His friends must watch his condition worsen. Pespective changes through out.

He didn’t know when to say “Enough” ©

There was darkness too,
In that care free youth.
Had an alcohol problem to boot,
All that while sat in denial,
At least God helped Ruth.
I had mates I didn’t want to use,
Still I looked to myself to accuse.

You could tell it was tough,
But what a nice boy he was,
But didn’t know when to say enough.

A temper that would easily erupt,
Seeded from his lies and scars,
He just didn’t know when to say enough.

Like a bird he would fly,
Was that Christmas so bad?
I thought he wanted a tie.

Friday, December 30, 2005

2006 here i come

It's been very cold lately, and there's been quite a bit of snow as well. Nothing too dangerous though so no need to panic, your'll still be able to get to the corner shop still.

I have to thank the people who left a comment on my last post asking for more songs, appreciated. The second one i posted was definitely 'different' so i was expecting it to turn people off. Just for a little fact; the picture below is in fact the front cover to the charity album project i'm creating. The purple effects were complete accident; it happened to appear when i added it on the blog but i really like it. If you know your rock music (90s-) then you might be able to pick out a few of the music references.

Also, I found this exciting little site that you possibly might like;

' is one of the world's first applications to apply the scientifically advanced technologies of face detection and recognition to family history and to consumer photos; and it's free.'
Have a happy New Year!!

For the band which will never be...

These are unfinished lyrics, for songs which will never be sung, for a band that will never be. I hope that you enjoy them. If you want to read more then just leave a comment!

Walk on in ©

A bag full of clichés have been around,
Not caring for anything but you,
Come with me just don’t make a sound.
Dreamt of kissing you under the sun,
For god sake what am I saying?
Not going to add another one.

You walk on in like you have faith,
But im just stuck between four walls.
How can you say that it’s all safe?
And not afraid to care,
Keep breathing in the air.
Do you even love me?
Take a glance around you,
Best that they can’t fly,
Never let you suffer or die.
This is all I will ever be,
Hope it’s enough for you to see.
Well done Jackass ©
An I can’t do of the highest order
Said I was a sure fire miss
But I told them it was a maybe murder
All together it went so well
I just can’t figure out…
I could never tell

Dig a much bigger hole
Shut all that quiet racket
Don’t show them what we stole

Well done Jackass
You even killed my dog
Highlight of a mass
A ticking bomb?

No understanding on how or why
I’m still here dusting it off
But I’m sure
I’m sure I didn’t die

Exhausted and itching alive
I see your bed and take a dive
It’s all over now

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Is this It?

"I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it."

Groucho Marx