Monday, April 28, 2008

now for something a little different

If we need money to live, doesn’t that make ‘interest’, that someone may lend you money but you must return more, a type of slavery?

I want a life where our needs can be fulfilled, a desire for excellence, a world not owned, or survived in, but lived. Life instead has become a business, a depressing one where purpose and art is sacrificed for selfish meaningless needs.

The future could be with what is called Frei Geld “free-money. In which money depreciates in value as it ages. This could now be done electronically. In the past it spurred hoarders of money to spend it quickly, pay their taxes quickly and find other reasons apart from money to work. Furthermore, money becomes a medium of exchange, meaning that your neighbour’s wealth could make others wealthier. This then makes us question the notion of “value”.

The main currency system might very well collapse, it is not impossible. A revolution may well be ahead.


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