Saturday, December 31, 2005

enough is enough

This is one more song i would like share and i have many more but some are too personal. This is about two siblings, Ruth and David. David is 13 and already suffers from alcohol and drugs abuse. His friends must watch his condition worsen. Pespective changes through out.

He didn’t know when to say “Enough” ©

There was darkness too,
In that care free youth.
Had an alcohol problem to boot,
All that while sat in denial,
At least God helped Ruth.
I had mates I didn’t want to use,
Still I looked to myself to accuse.

You could tell it was tough,
But what a nice boy he was,
But didn’t know when to say enough.

A temper that would easily erupt,
Seeded from his lies and scars,
He just didn’t know when to say enough.

Like a bird he would fly,
Was that Christmas so bad?
I thought he wanted a tie.


Blogger Swapna Padmanabh said...

Touching little song Ash, kind of too sad for me today though :( Hope you have a quiet but nice New Year's, although you don't really sound like you are in the partying mood. Still, I shall have a toast to your New Year as well as mine later this evening.

December 31, 2005 4:29 PM  

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