Friday, December 30, 2005

For the band which will never be...

These are unfinished lyrics, for songs which will never be sung, for a band that will never be. I hope that you enjoy them. If you want to read more then just leave a comment!

Walk on in ©

A bag full of clichés have been around,
Not caring for anything but you,
Come with me just don’t make a sound.
Dreamt of kissing you under the sun,
For god sake what am I saying?
Not going to add another one.

You walk on in like you have faith,
But im just stuck between four walls.
How can you say that it’s all safe?
And not afraid to care,
Keep breathing in the air.
Do you even love me?
Take a glance around you,
Best that they can’t fly,
Never let you suffer or die.
This is all I will ever be,
Hope it’s enough for you to see.
Well done Jackass ©
An I can’t do of the highest order
Said I was a sure fire miss
But I told them it was a maybe murder
All together it went so well
I just can’t figure out…
I could never tell

Dig a much bigger hole
Shut all that quiet racket
Don’t show them what we stole

Well done Jackass
You even killed my dog
Highlight of a mass
A ticking bomb?

No understanding on how or why
I’m still here dusting it off
But I’m sure
I’m sure I didn’t die

Exhausted and itching alive
I see your bed and take a dive
It’s all over now


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a comment, do we get more songs now? lol :D

December 30, 2005 8:14 PM  
Blogger Swapna Padmanabh said...

I'm with anonymous, we are commenting so keep the songs coming. Anyway Ash, thanks for dropping by my blog, and for the kind words. I really didn't expect anyone but Anita to check it out, so it was a really nice surprise. As for your site, Im totally into lyrics, poetry, basically anything written so keep it coming!

December 30, 2005 8:51 PM  

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