Friday, December 30, 2005

2006 here i come

It's been very cold lately, and there's been quite a bit of snow as well. Nothing too dangerous though so no need to panic, your'll still be able to get to the corner shop still.

I have to thank the people who left a comment on my last post asking for more songs, appreciated. The second one i posted was definitely 'different' so i was expecting it to turn people off. Just for a little fact; the picture below is in fact the front cover to the charity album project i'm creating. The purple effects were complete accident; it happened to appear when i added it on the blog but i really like it. If you know your rock music (90s-) then you might be able to pick out a few of the music references.

Also, I found this exciting little site that you possibly might like;

' is one of the world's first applications to apply the scientifically advanced technologies of face detection and recognition to family history and to consumer photos; and it's free.'
Have a happy New Year!!


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