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Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm beat!

"At lilac evening I walked with every muscle aching among the lights of 27th and Welton ... in Denver ... feeling that the best ... (my) world had offered (me) was not enough ecstasy ... not enough life, kicks, darkness, music, not enough night." - Jack Kerouac -
I've just finished reading On the Road by Jack Kerouac, and i'm filled with a burning desire to travel and see the world. The same feeling so many people were filled with after reading the book back in the 50s when it was originaly published. The books madness is in its writing, the driving force is the outrageous Dean Moriarty (Neal Cassady). It makes you feel alive, your senses wider then ever before, colours brighter. It could possibly be the best book i've ever read and there is so much more to learn from the 'beat generation'. This is my first step into a larger world.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Getting in the christmas spirit, link below will take you to a collection of the worst christmas songs. Enjoy!

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  • Friday, December 07, 2007

    I'm in Rainbows

    The biggest music release of the year for me had to be Radiohead’s 7th LP, titled In Rainbows. It had minds exploding with excitement. This was due to the fact it was up to the customer to choose how much they wanted to pay for it, and the fact it was the return of one of the greatest experimental band of all time! All this anticipation was even before anyone heard a second of the album, even though much of the songs had already been performed live and was in circulation on the web.

    Still, it was an exciting announcement when Johnny Greenwood wrote that In Rainbows would be out in 10 days. It was a “what the fuck?” moment. A truly ecstatic moment for music fans and the absence of information made it all the more exciting. It wasn’t a disappointment either. The record was warm, human, and more accessible then anything they have ever released. A new stage for the band it seemed.

    I went with getting the discbox, the alternative to getting it just on download, the discbox was £40 and had vinyls, artwork, and 2 CDs. This was In rainbows in CD format but with a bonus disc of previously unheard B-sides. The band was most definitely making a statement in our times. Which is better they were asking, having the real artefact in your hands or just a download on the internet? What’s music worth nowadays?

    The B-sides aren’t a disappointment either. While Go Slowly seems too much like a mellow There There that doesn’t really go anywhere, Down is the New Up and Last Flowers are up there with the best songs they have ever done. Then there is Bangers & Mash which is a crazy cocaine junky rocker. A real treat and completely unexpected.

    Where are they going to go from here? Who knows!?

    I have a ticket to see the band live in London June 25th and I can’t wait.