Saturday, February 11, 2006

on rotation

Got any opinions on these albums? Like or dislike? I'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

the future for new talent?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you already had it, but I’m new to Myspace. I’ve had a dozen bands send me emails hoping that I will add them to make their friends list that much bigger. But I must admit, some of these bands or artists are not that good at all but there are a few exceptions.

Plain Jane Automobile is a band from Florida and boasts some great rock tunes. Duke Crider is the lead singer and sounds quite like Chris Martin from Coldplay. Apparently they are coming to the UK soon. Be sure to check out their myspace.

Two artists, Alan Tully from Dublin and Marwood from New York have also made me sit up and take notice. Despite the limited material from them, the songs they do offer are excellent and really should be out there for more people to listen to. Alan Tully’s highlight is Aeons, one of the best songs i've heard this year. If only he would get signed and get an LP out there to the world, he could prove to be one of the best musicians around, especially with crap like James Blunt clogging up the charts. Maybe it would show how bad alot of people's tastes are these days?

If you are not on myspace be sure to check it out and look around, it probably won’t be for everyone but it’s still one of the best sites I’ve found recently.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Why & Acid

These are some more songs for the band.
They are not finished but i think they are good enough to be posted. I'm currently working on some more songs, which are in my opinion the best i've ever written and are quite different to the ones in this post and others i've submitted on this blog. But it's going to take alot of time, and time is something that i don't always seem to have.
I hope you enjoy. I always love to hear from you!

Why? ©

She was ideal,
Those were the days
It was her mind,
Made me misbehave.
And all your love,
Never did anything for me,
And I know you
Left me cold to see

Coughing up love like it always was,
Chocking on tar from your love buzz,
Where the only way out was to shoot you down
Bury you in a hole and steal your crown.

You stole him,
He lied to you.
But was blind to see,
You wanted me too,
Now alone under this blood soaked sky
Numbers, and times, and moments but why

Coughing up love like it always was,
Chocking on tar from your love buzz,
Where the only way out was to shoot you down
Bury you in a hole and steal your crown.


Acid ©

Waiting high at the bus shelter
Don’t mind her brain melter
All I need I tell her
This is what I do

It’s got a one track mind
But I don’t mind
As long as I can make it mine

Hallucinations of halting crime
Captive but free
At least I know you’re fine

You told me not to stop
Contradiction of the cop
You told me to stop
I told you what’s what

Flying and singing around my mind
Never scared of what you might find

Saturday, February 04, 2006

spontaneous and random

I really can’t figure this world out. It seems the media is much more interested in the threat of nuclear weapons being made then focussing also on global warming which will definitely destroy us in years to come. There’s not enough coverage, and focus on global warming which should be on the minds of everyone. Did you see those shots of the melting ice-caps not long back?

This post was going to be about these issues but I’ve found myself falling asleep and not because of the subject but the fact that I’ve not had enough sleep. How come the coffee won’t even work? Damn you!

I’m working on some new songs at the moment also. These will no doubt be published sometime in the near future. I’ve got some unfinished notes and stuff that could be posted up but I would rather show you finished songs. I’m really happy on the positive comments I’ve received, on the blog and through my emails. If it wasn’t for some of you then this blog would possibly not be around today.
There's some great films on at the cinema this weekend. Munich (15) by Steven Spielberg which i personaly thought was one of his best films he has ever done, but a tad too long at 3 hours which makes it a film which is better watched at home on DVD. Walk the Line (12A) with Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash came out yesterday; if your a fan of the legend of Cash or just want to see an old'e Hollywood style film then check it out. There's two fantastic films in case you have nothing to do.

Have a cool weekend!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Everything In Its Right Place

It’s a new month, and it didn’t start off too well. I went on the pc this morning to check a few emails and while I do this I usually listen to some music on I-Tunes. But for some reason the pc decided to be mischievous and froze. The only possible way out was to turn the pc off and let it restart. However, once I got back on everything seemed to be ok until I went onto I-Tunes and there was no sound. This was the second time this week something has happened to my personal music collection, the other being my I-Pod the other day, which decided to switch off for no reason and then not come on for 3 minutes and the battery was fine. Well as stupid as it seems, turning the pc off again managed to restore I-Tunes to its usual self.

Technology sucks!

I went into Gloucester and took my Theory Test and passed it, I found it pretty easy actually but then I had done some homework. I know it’s sad to do it, but I’d rather not have to pay another £21.00!

Also I got the album Kid A by Radiohead but have not yet had a good enough listen to be able to comment on it but what I heard was really good, but also different to their other work. As you can probably tell, I’ve only taken interest in them in the last few months. Definitely for an acquired taste.

......that is all......