Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Everything In Its Right Place

It’s a new month, and it didn’t start off too well. I went on the pc this morning to check a few emails and while I do this I usually listen to some music on I-Tunes. But for some reason the pc decided to be mischievous and froze. The only possible way out was to turn the pc off and let it restart. However, once I got back on everything seemed to be ok until I went onto I-Tunes and there was no sound. This was the second time this week something has happened to my personal music collection, the other being my I-Pod the other day, which decided to switch off for no reason and then not come on for 3 minutes and the battery was fine. Well as stupid as it seems, turning the pc off again managed to restore I-Tunes to its usual self.

Technology sucks!

I went into Gloucester and took my Theory Test and passed it, I found it pretty easy actually but then I had done some homework. I know it’s sad to do it, but I’d rather not have to pay another £21.00!

Also I got the album Kid A by Radiohead but have not yet had a good enough listen to be able to comment on it but what I heard was really good, but also different to their other work. As you can probably tell, I’ve only taken interest in them in the last few months. Definitely for an acquired taste.

......that is all......


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