Thursday, January 26, 2006

Free Stroke's tickets (oh no)

I’m in a good mood, the best I’ve been in for quite some time. 1) I’ve got tomorrow off from work. 2) I’m not sure. 3) Oh yes, I went to see the Strokes last night. 4) Is there a 4?

So here it is, in all its flawed glory.

The Strokes
Live at Bristol Colston Hall
Wed, Jan 25th

I never doubted we wouldn’t make it there, I just thought that me and Tom would just be a little late. There was a crash on the motorway and there were queues for six to seven miles. After around an hour of sitting in the little Peugeot we finally started to make some progress and made it to the concert on time…phew!

However, because I got the tickets off of eBay and I was in a mad rush to get them I never took much notice of where the seats were allocated and they were pretty far apart. But we were there to see the band, not us so we were alright.

The support acts Shout out Louds came on, almost as we sat down, or it felt like it anyway. They were fantastic and had some great tunes at their disposal, the highlight being The Comeback. Made me want to check out more of their stuff.

But we were there for the Strokes, and the excitement was building. The lights went down. They came on, as cool as their reputation makes them out to be. They opened with The Modern Age before unleashing their new tracks Heart in a Cage and Juicebox, both proving to be great live. It never really let up from there, Julian was on fine form interacting with the crowd and doing press ups at the intro to ‘Reptilia’, dancing almost to some songs while Fab playing the drums, smoked on a cigarette. The passion and pace that they performed the songs was remarkable, it also helped that I was on the balcony close to the stage unlike at Noise and Confusion where I felt like I was a mile away. They performed around 20 songs; the new ones were as brilliant as the classics and showed that they won’t be going away just yet.

I came out, almost exhausted from the excitement but left with a buzz! This was it, this is what a great band on fine form is like, and it’s worth every penny!


Blogger Swapna Padmanabh said...

YAY things that make you happy are always a good thing! So, you told us all about the Strokes, but no info on the party pictures! Come on we need to hear a bit about it, or at least a caption saying who you are in the pics!

January 27, 2006 2:12 AM  
Blogger AnnaWaits said...

Woohoo! Glad you had as great a time seeing the Strokes as I did - they're on form, aren't they? And thanks for stopping by my blog, big thumbs up to yours :)

February 01, 2006 8:34 PM  

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