Wednesday, February 08, 2006

the future for new talent?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you already had it, but I’m new to Myspace. I’ve had a dozen bands send me emails hoping that I will add them to make their friends list that much bigger. But I must admit, some of these bands or artists are not that good at all but there are a few exceptions.

Plain Jane Automobile is a band from Florida and boasts some great rock tunes. Duke Crider is the lead singer and sounds quite like Chris Martin from Coldplay. Apparently they are coming to the UK soon. Be sure to check out their myspace.

Two artists, Alan Tully from Dublin and Marwood from New York have also made me sit up and take notice. Despite the limited material from them, the songs they do offer are excellent and really should be out there for more people to listen to. Alan Tully’s highlight is Aeons, one of the best songs i've heard this year. If only he would get signed and get an LP out there to the world, he could prove to be one of the best musicians around, especially with crap like James Blunt clogging up the charts. Maybe it would show how bad alot of people's tastes are these days?

If you are not on myspace be sure to check it out and look around, it probably won’t be for everyone but it’s still one of the best sites I’ve found recently.


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