Saturday, February 04, 2006

spontaneous and random

I really can’t figure this world out. It seems the media is much more interested in the threat of nuclear weapons being made then focussing also on global warming which will definitely destroy us in years to come. There’s not enough coverage, and focus on global warming which should be on the minds of everyone. Did you see those shots of the melting ice-caps not long back?

This post was going to be about these issues but I’ve found myself falling asleep and not because of the subject but the fact that I’ve not had enough sleep. How come the coffee won’t even work? Damn you!

I’m working on some new songs at the moment also. These will no doubt be published sometime in the near future. I’ve got some unfinished notes and stuff that could be posted up but I would rather show you finished songs. I’m really happy on the positive comments I’ve received, on the blog and through my emails. If it wasn’t for some of you then this blog would possibly not be around today.
There's some great films on at the cinema this weekend. Munich (15) by Steven Spielberg which i personaly thought was one of his best films he has ever done, but a tad too long at 3 hours which makes it a film which is better watched at home on DVD. Walk the Line (12A) with Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash came out yesterday; if your a fan of the legend of Cash or just want to see an old'e Hollywood style film then check it out. There's two fantastic films in case you have nothing to do.

Have a cool weekend!


Blogger Corinne said...

interesting point. although, i think global warming is on peoples minds. i dont think the media reflects real people that well. and anyway, it depends on what you're watching and listening to. it's still a problem though, not enough is being done. mainly because of North America's attitude to things..

February 10, 2006 8:25 PM  

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