Saturday, August 05, 2006

Albert Hammond Jr. goes solo

At last, some Strokes-ish news:

Albert Hammond Jr. from the Strokes is heading out on his own and releasing a solo album but hopefully he is not leaving the band.

The album is entitled yours to keep and is due out in the UK on October 9th. There are many guests involved including, Sean Lennon, Sammy James Jr., the Strokes manager Ryan Gentles, Kweller and a few more.

The tracklisting:

01 Cartoon Music for Superheroes (Goodnight)
02 In Transit
03 Everyone Gets a Star
04 Call an Ambulance
05 Blue Skies
06 Back to the 101
07 Bright Young Thing
08 Scared
09 Holiday
10 Hard to Live in the City

The video below is for In Transit and was on the Strokes fan club dvd. The singing on it is pretty distorted and it is not perticularly great but the song it self is really cool. It will most likely be cleaned up a bit for the album.


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